The education system in China: higher education, school and pre-school

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The education system in China: higher education, school and pre-school

The main result of China’s reform of the education system – the availability of training for the entire population. Today almost 99 % of children in China attend school. Before 1949, for most, education was not available, and the number of illiterates reached 80 %.


The system of preschool education in China is represented by state and private institutions. The government of the people’s Republic of China encourages the development of private preschool institutions. Despite the presence of a common program for the education of the young generation, there are some differences in the process of teaching children in public and private kindergartens.

In public institutions the school is more geared towards getting the kids to school and the introduction to the work, and in particular focuses on the aesthetic and cultural development of children.

Each day begins with hoisting the national flag, as the Chinese people are proud of their country and committed from early childhood to instill in the younger Chinese girl collects the designer of the lesson pre-school educationgeneration love and respect for the Motherland.

The school day in the Chinese preschool education is planned almost to the minute. Free time in China is equivalent to idleness. Careful attention is paid to issues of personal hygiene and care. The teachers strictly followed the children to wash their hands before meals and after Breakfast and lunch in some gardens the guys bussing tables. Children actively learn to work. They grow their own vegetables and then learn how to cook from what has grown.

The main difference between Chinese pre-school education – the lack of desire to develop the individuality of the child. On the contrary, educators are doing everything they can to prevent the little man and thought that he was special.

Teachers are in full control of children’s behavior even during the game. Everything is subject to the strictest discipline. Despite criticism of such practices in other countries, the Chinese believe in its effectiveness, because I think that what you need to state, need and children.

Mostly preschools are open until six in the evening, but there are some where a child can be left overnight.


The school system in China consists of three stages:Children during a lesson in a Chinese school

  • initial;
  • medium;

Primary school child spends 6 years in Junior and senior high – 3 years. The first two stages are compulsory and free of tuition for the final have to pay.

The primary school curriculum includes:

  • Chinese;
  • mathematics;
  • history;
  • natural;
  • geography;

Sometimes there are additional lectures on morality and ethics. The programme also includes practical training, during which the children work in different workshops or on farms.

In middle school is an in-depth study of Chinese language, mathematics and a foreign language (most often English). Children master science, computer science, focuses on political literacy.

The education system in schools in China suggests huge load, so the school day is divided into two parts. In the first half examines basic subjects, the second is optional. Almost all of the vacation students spend performing volumetric homework.

School discipline is very strict. You miss twelve classes without a valid excuse and the student is expelled. All exams are held in the form of tests and knowledge are assessed on a 100-point scale. After graduating from high school, further training is optional. But if the child has the desire and the financial ability of the parents permit, it is possible to enroll in high school.

Before continuing education, the student must choose a field of study. In China there are two types of high schools:

  • academic profile goes deep study of the Sciences and to prepare students for universities;
  • vocational – in which raising staff to work on the production.
  • Higher
  • In China, higher education is available after high school. The government annually allocates considerable funds to improveGraduate of Chinese University the level of higher education. As a result, many universities of China are among the best on the planet, and their diplomas are recognized in 64 countries.

The higher education system in China includes colleges, vocational schools and universities.

The curriculum of the colleges is of two types:

  • biennial – training of middle-level technicians, at the end of the course the student receives a certificate;
  • four-year after the training, students receive a bachelor’s degree.
  • The academic year in Chinese universities is divided into two semesters – autumn and spring. Winter holidays last from the end of January and February, summer – 2 months (July and August).

In most universities of China, unlike the well-known universities in Europe and the United States, working in quite narrow fields – archaeology, agriculture and pedagogy. In the programs of universities that train politicians and diplomats, much of the time allotted to the skills of oratory and writing.

To attract foreign students study in all universities of China is held in two languages – Chinese and English. Those who wish to study in Chinese there are special additional courses.

At the end of the Chinese universities to obtain a bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctorate.