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Who tops your class? It can be a girl or a boy, but the person is definitely one who scores the maximum marks in the final exams. If you too wish to be the topper of your class, you need to score more than others. How can you do it?

Dear user, you can do it by being super ready to crack all the semester and final exams. And there is only one secret to be super prepared to exams. It is to be thorough with all the concepts comprising the syllabus for the paper.

Now, the question arises how can you gain high level of conceptual understanding? You can do it by reading the chapters, listening to class lectures or by reminding the same thing to yourself hundreds of times. You can go for whichever that works for you.

For your information, there is yet another way to gain expertise over a given concept. And believe me, it is the easiest and the most effective among all the possible ways. It is to learn by watching. Yes, dear user, it is to grasp a concept by watching videos based on the concept you wish to learn.

It has been scientifically proven that a human learns faster and retains the same for long when he watches 2D/3D animations depicting real life examples. Topper has tried its hands into making such a facility available to you. It has video lessons on almost all topics present in the textbooks for subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for classes 9 to 12. It also has the same for Biology for classes 9 and 10.

The video lessons show an eminent professor delivering lecture on a given concept. He or she explains the concept with the help of 2D/3D animations and real life examples. Guess, what’s more! We were talking about preparedness for exams. Each video lesson also has an ‘exam decoded’ section. In this section, the professor tells you about the important points to be kept in mind for cracking examination questions.

Your method for preparation for exams does not stop at just learning the concept. You actually need to practice solving questions based on a given chapter of a given subject textbook. To help you in this aspect, Topper presents you Online Tests and Sample Papers.

What if you got stuck with some doubt or query? Do not worry at all as Topper is with you. It has a feature called ‘Ask the Expert.’ Here, you can put your query or doubt and get it answered from an expert on the relevant subject. Cool! Isn’t it?

The list of amazing features of Topper for your help hasn’t come to an end till now. It offers you Textbook Solutions. Here, you can find complete and detailed solutions to NCERT textbooks, R D Sharma books and Frank Modern Books Certificate. So chill! You have everything that you need to top your class, whether you belong to CBSE, ICSE or any State Board.