AIEEE Cracking Tips and Tricks

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First, dream and give a frame to your objective and then plan according to your objectives. Some students may have a passion to do engineering studies only in the premier institutions. In such cases, go through the rules and procedures of your dream institutions and first, know about the minimum cut-off marks required to enter into those institutions and plan your preparation strategies accordingly!

Three major concepts are inevitable and hence, balancing a good stability among them would yield the goal; they are time, speed and idea! All the three bears the same weight, hence practice these concepts, while preparing for your exams. Some of the important tips to accomplish the AIEEE are listed as follows:

  • Don’t envision the AIEEE as a mere entrance exam; perceive the same as a process, via which you are enhancing your knowledge. Such attitudes would help in reducing stress; optimizing ideas and motivating energy.
  • Try to relate the important formulas to the real-life situations, or via favorable situations. This would remain as an easy way of recalling the formulas; especially at the exam time.
  • It would be appropriate to speed up your calculation methodologies; to enable this, do mental calculations always. This could save time, which would otherwise be wasted in flipping the additional sheets for calculation; one could save 20% of time on this.
  • Allocate the three-hour timings appropriately like, time for filling up the front page; time to revise all the questions; maximum time for questions, for which you are not sure about the answers…
  • Calculate the risks involved in getting a question wrong; if, for every wrong answer, 1/4th of the total marks to the question is deducted, then do calculate the maximum number of questions that you could go wrong at the exam; this is very significant calculation, as it would create a caution regarding the impact of wrong answers!
  • Prioritize the importance of questions, as the question paper contains easy; average and difficult questions. It would be better to attend the average and difficult questions, very first, as at later stages there may not be sufficient time left on hand to spend on such questions!
  • Don’t get misled by assumptions; try all possible means of solutions to a specific problem. Practice such strategies, while preparing for the exam.
  • Take time to read the questions; don’t have stereotypes about the questions; there might be a twist, or not!
  • List the different categories of questions, like conventional type questions; formula type questions; practical type questions; theoretical type questions; reasoning type questions, etc. and find out your strong and weak areas out of the categories and allocate time appropriately!
  • Prepare according to the syllabus specifications, for example, in a physics paper, there are two sections ‘A’ and ‘B’; section ‘A’ consists of theory part, which bears 80% weight and section ‘B’ comprises a practical part, which bears 20% weight. Thus in this case, more focus has to be given to the theoretical part to ensure maximum marks.

Cracking the AIEEE requires an ultimate faith in oneself, besides hard work and passion! Regular planning; sound mind and a good balance between the body and mind would fetch one, the desirable results!