A few tips on how to join a new team

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Almost every person who comes to a new team, feels fear: how to meet his colleagues? To establish good relations with colleagues, will have to work hard. And this is the first time you need to take steps to create a positive impression of yourself.

It is not always the changing workplace occurs at the request of the man himself. However, entering a new team, you need to set yourself in a positive way. In this case, the big problems with the adaptation will be.

It is therefore advisable to follow a few rules that will help to survive this period with minimal stress:

  • If the person is positive, his own sense of confidence is greatly increased. Showing sincere kindness can be possible to disarm enemies, to realize the benefits of the new place of work or study;
  • Prepare yourself for the positive mood in advance. Be sure to record all of the advantages of this work or place of study. You need to consider every detail: the close location from home, spacious, modern building, future growth, etc.;
  • You should consider carefully how was the first day in an unfamiliar team. It is advisable to come to their own behavior with a fair amount of criticism – carefully to remember where mistakes were made. After that, you should outline a plan: with any of the staff or fellow students to better maintain relationships which approach to choose how to behave in the future;
  • Usually, a new employee asking about a previous job. No need to describe past experiences in negative qualities, explaining that the translation caused by a conflict with a boss or former colleagues. Better to steer the conversation to a discussion of external causes, for example, small growth, long journeys, lack of prospects. Thus, to be able to emphasize 2 things: a good relationship with former colleagues and the importance of moving to this place of work;
  • Enough politely to greet, to smile, but did not participate in this common debate. The best solution is a neutral position or compromise. Insufficient knowledge of employees can play a bad joke. Taking sides with one of the conflicting parties, to discredit themselves in the eyes of the authorities, since it is unknown whose side supports the user;
  • So how to join the women’s team is much harder than mixed, it is better at first to move away from close contact. Gossip is an integral part of any women’s team. Therefore it is not necessary to share with colleagues personal experiences. Perhaps in the future, someone from the staff will become a close friend. But in the first time to stand in public life outside of work is not recommended, so as not to create fertile ground for gossip. By the way, hearing negative information about someone from colleagues, it is not necessary to emphasize attention to someone else’s opinion may be incorrect;
  • Better at first to stick to the business relationship. This will help to fit in, without feeling dislikes any of its members. In this case, and work will be much easier;
  • You should always show self-discipline and punctuality. You need to get rid of uncertainty as quickly as possible to reduce the overall performance of the team. Otherwise there are chances of being branded “weak link” and deprived of career prospects. One should not demonstrate their advantages, causing envy. If anyone of my colleagues can’t do something, it is enough to tactfully offer assistance, but not to advertise their participation;
  • A necessary step, how to join a new team, participate in corporate events. Even if people do not like sports, nature outings and noisy feast will have to show courage. Failure will be a challenge and may be perceived as a manifestation of disrespect;
  • You need to always keep in order in the workplace. This original card, to quickly assess the discipline and diligence of the employee.
  • Of course, you must follow your company’s dress code. Stylish, but simple enough installation, neat appearance, no bright jewelry will definitely create a good impression.

How to help join the child when transferring to another school

It is difficult to adapt to the new location for an adult, but the child can be a lot harder if he is by nature shy and not able to quickly establish relationships with unfamiliar peers. It is therefore very important is the support of parents.

In advance to meet with teachers and find out how things are going in the class won’t be affected by whether the child is “repression”? If the atmosphere in class is tense, you might not want to transfer the kid to this school, and look for a more viable option?

Often, psychologists are advised to bring the child with peers, arranging something like a small holiday. This option only works if the kid kept to himself because of the translation in a strange team, but the difficulty in communication not previously suffered. Otherwise not excluded the opposite scenario – classmates are to have fun, not inviting their games newbie, and the child will clam up even more.

It is clear that parents are concerned, as joined the team their kid. However, a frequent presence at the school is able to create the impression of the child as “Mama’s son”. It is better to contact the teacher by phone, appearing not in school most other parents.

You need to listen carefully to the stories your child about school and show genuine interest in his Affairs. In this case, the baby will be confident in supporting adults and the adaptation will be faster.